PLM, flame retardant specialist

Based in the near proximity of Paris, in a Marne La Vallee business park, PLM specialises in flame retardant soft furnishings.

We serve many institutions including care homes for the aged, and handicapped of our society.

We would invite you to discover our products, assuring you that we communicate fluently in English, and would be happy to help you, whether you are seeking to develop in France itself, or use our services for projects in other countries.

Our vast collection of flame retardant fabrics, our quality bedding and linen and our personalized service, provide solutions for any of your projects.

Our company has offered high quality service for over 20 years, working closely with architects, interior designers and directly with our care homes customers. Throughout France, we have established strong working relations in a wide variety of care homes and institutions producing confidence with our wealth of experience.

Our mission
PLM provides its customers with unique, personalized and secure decorating solutions in order to improve the atmosphere and environment of their building.

Our values
At PLM, we guide our company in a way that enables us to serve our clients, employees and partners at the highest level in following these values:
SERVICE : Give the best service possible to all our clients and have them foremost in our priorities
EQUITY : Be honest in all transactions. Treat our employees with respect
PRESENTATION : Always have a good presentation, showing the quality of our products and service
QUALITY : Always guarantee a very high level quality
TEAM SPIRIT : Never play sole, always play with the team
RESPECT : Accept and respect our customers, suppliers and colleagues.


You are welcome to contact us at:
2 rue de la Mare Blanche - BP6
+33 (0)1 60 08 28 95

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